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A free, open source password manager and e-wallet.
Zero-knowledge. Cloud-based. Private.

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About Encryptr

Simple. Private. Secure.

Encryptr is simple and easy to use. It stores your sensitive data like passwords, credit card data, PINs, or access codes, in the cloud. However, because it was built on the zero-knowledge Crypton framework, Encryptr ensures that only the user has the ability to access or read the confidential information. Not the app's developers, cloud storage provider, or any third party.

Encryptr only ever encrypts or decrypts your data locally on your device. No plain text is ever sent to the server, not even your passphrase. This is what zero-knowledge means.*

You don't even need to hand over any personal data to register. Not your name, and not your email address. The app only requires a username and a passphrase.

Encryptr is free, and completely open source. This includes Crypton.

Being cross-platform, it allows users to securely access their confidential data from a single account from the cloud, no matter where they are. It's currently available for Android, Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X**

* All this zero-knowledge privacy comes at a small cost. Please do not forget your Encryptr passphrase as it is never sent to the server, so it cannot just be reset.

** iOS and other platforms will also be available soon.

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